Happy World Environment Day

World Environment Day is a United Nations Initiative for encouraging worldwide awareness & action to protect our beloved environment, that we all too often take for granted.

The UN work to ensure that World Environment Day is the ‘peoples day’, to give us all ownership & inspire everyone to take care of our earth.

So what does it all mean to people just like you & me?

Here we break down 5 simple ways that you can get involved in World Environment Day, today & every day.


Get Outside with your loved ones!

Getting outdoors in to nature & feeling the sun kiss your skin, has proven health benefits, including boosting mental health, reducing stress & helping to prevent many diseases. It’s also good for the environment! Resist the temptation to laze around at home on your phone, recharge in nature instead & give your appliances, lights & everything else in your home that saps energy & electricity, a good rest! Your wallet will also thank you when the power bill is due!



Invest in the re-usable coffee cup/water bottle

So this one has been on your to-do list for a while, but it’s just so hard to remember to take it everywhere with you! I feel you girl, but trust me, it does become second nature eventually. Invest in quality pieces that you like to drink out of & are easy to transport.

If you have already nailed the reusable coffee cup & water bottle situation, why not try a reusable cutlery set?




Change your mindset toward your wardrobe

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Pretty mind-blowing when you consider that it is up there with minerals & mining, oil & gas. We are stuck in a cycle of overconsumption & we needs to change.

So before convincing yourself that you need something ‘new’ & surrendering to the trill of making a new purchase, head to your wardrobe with fresh eyes & an open mind to falling in love with those dreamy pieces that you once treasured! You'll find yourself wrapped up in the warm fuzzy nostalgic feeling of loving your fave pieces again!




Say ’NO’ to that plastic thing

Straws? Plastic Bags? Plastic Bin Liners? Plastic packaged produce? Plastic Wrap?

Just like a new years resolution, pick one unnecessary item that you are going to banish forever & stick with it. The adjustment really is easy, you’ll be kicking yourself that you hadn’t done it earlier!




Think about how you can influence those around you

Got a crazy aunt who drinks 3 cups of coffee a day from the local cafe? (Me too!) How about gifting her a fancy reusable coffee cup for her birthday? More & more people are becoming conscious of our need to change, they often just need some positive encouragement & a little push in the right direction. No need to be preachy, just find something that you care about & let it flow naturally! There are plenty of simple changes that everyone can be making.






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