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We've gathered all of the best tips & tricks to make sustainable fashion easy to understand & enjoy.

Want to simply know more about what Ethical & Sustainable Fashion is or why it's important?

Good On You are the world’s leading source for everything you need to know about ethical and sustainable fashion. They rate large scale fashion brands by pulling together all relevant information & expert analysis, to rate each brand with an easy-to-understand score. Good On You also provide expert analysis of Ethical & Sustainable Fashion basics, including their straightforward answer to the question 'What is Ethical & Sustainable Fashion?'.

Find out all of the answers right here!

At this point in time, Good On You is only providing ratings for Medium to Large scale fashion brands. At sticks + stone, we are patiently awaiting inclusion when our label grows to the point that we meet their assessment criteria.

In the meantime, we have done our own assessment & are confident of a brand rating of 'Great', based on all of our sustainable & ethical practices, that you can read more about at the About section of out website.


Want to dive into a deeper analysis of why Ethical & Sustainable Fashion is so important?

Vogue Australia have delivered an excellent analysis on 'Why thoughtful fashion will help define the fashion world of the future'. In the piece written by Vogues Director of Fashion Features & industry favourite; Alice Birrell, she explores the concept of slow living & COVID-19 lockdown inspired revelations around why we wear what we wear & buy what we buy. Alice outlines why we should look to local creativity & locally produced fashion items to secure a vibrant fashion future.

Check it out here.



How about the ultimate guide to building a Sustainable Wardrobe?

Vogue Australia is a leader in the sustainable & ethical fashion space, having appointed the first ever Sustainability editor at large: Claire Press, back in 2018. Their resource library includes plenty of helpful tips, including 'The ultimate guide to building a sustainable wardrobe'.

Start building yours with Vogues help, right here.




And what if we told you that there is a FREE online course on every day minimalism?

Reading My Tealeaves Lifestyle Blog by Erin Boyle is offering a FREE online class giving you an insiders view of her own flexible approach to minimalism, providing actionable steps & exercises to help you cultivate a peaceful home environment that works for you.

The 35 minute online class promises to 'show you how paring down the stuff in your home & shifting your relationship to both consumerism & creativity can unlock a life of more—more energy, more savings, and more time to do the things you love.'

Sound great right? Join the course here!





Named after the sustainable style queen herself; Stella McCartney, the Stella style features pleating to the shoulder for volume & to the waist for a soft drape across the bust & hip. 

Our Stella top is designed to be matched with your favourite black pant or tucked in to high waist tailored pant. Our Stella dress is designed to be worn as a low or high cut wrap, or open over jeans & a singlet.

The Stellas are made from beautifully soft & luscious Tencel. Tencel is known for its natural comfort, versatility, strength, efficient moisture absorption & gentleness to skin. This fabric is natural, environmentally friendly & completely biodegradable in a few short months.






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